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February 2017     Vol. 94




ISOWA NEWS LETTER is a newsletter for the benefit of special customers only. Each month we bring you information about our company and its products ― information you won’t find on our home page or in our catalogs. We hope ISOWA NEWS LETTER will help you feel closer to us.


Hello! I am Sayumi Kousaka of the Export Department.


Has anyone heard of the Vermicular brand of cooking pots? They are cast-iron enamel cooking pots for waterless cooking that are manufactured and marketed by a casting manufacturer in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. They are so popular that you have to wait 10 months for one after ordering it!

I was given one of these cooking pots as a present recently. Up to then, I’d always used cheap and thin stainless-steel pots that would burn if I took my eyes off them for a second. This is the first time I’ve had the chance to cook with such a quality pot. After it arrived in December last year, I carefully read the instruction manual supplied, and I started cooking with it this year.

Unlike a stainless-steel pot, you need to take certain precautions with it. For example, it can’t be washed using the rough side of a dishwashing sponge and the unenameled areas have to be treated with cooking oil because they are sensitive to water. Also, the pot weighs 4 or 5 kg and is a bit heavy for a woman to carry.

After reading that, you might think I don’t like my new cooking pot very much. But, in truth, I love it! It reminds me how good it is to take care of things properly. It needs more time and effort than a normal pot and has to be handled carefully. I need to maintain it well because I want to use it for a long time. It may be just a cooking pot, but it is important to me because I was given it by someone special. I’m happy that I can now afford the feeling of enjoying quiet time while taking care of what is important. And I have realized that this doesn’t apply only to the cooking pot but to other things in my life and to the machines and products, too. In the same way, I hope that you will love the ISOWA machines just like the way I love my cooking pot.


But the important thing about a cooking pot is not the pot itself but the food that comes out of it. I am about to embark on a journey of study with my cooking pot until everyone can say that the flavor is … excellent!


See here for details about Vermicular cooking pots. (English only)



And now, let’s turn to Vol. 94 of the ISOWA NEWS LETTER.

We hope you like this edition.



Factory Open Days 2/2



Hello, everyone. I am Syunpei Inagaki of the Tokyo Domestic Sales Office. Following on from last time, I’d like to look back on the open days held at our new factory last year on December 8 and 9.



Here are some comments we received from customers.

Variable Lead Edge

“The concept is flexible and wonderful, and the technical ability to realize that idea is amazing.”

“I think that high-precision and high-productivity machines still face many hurdles, but the technology shows promise.”


Edge Opening Device

“I think that it will contribute greatly to the productivity of our company that handles many tubular boxes.”

“It will improve some issues facing the industry.”

“It is revolutionary and will lead to quality improvements.”

“We have installed one and know how effective it is.”

“I’d like one because I have problems with fishtailing.”

“It looks like it will cut losses.”


Batch Separator

“We have improved productivity by using many people for batch separation. We’re grateful that automation relieved the burden on the operator.”

“I like the machine-friendly concept.”

We got many favorable comments like those above.


However, these evaluations include expectations for the future as well as the current situation.
We want to carry the words “ISOWA keeps you going –– always on the go!” into the future. To ensure that we don’t fail to meet this expectation, everyone at the company will aim for customer satisfaction.




Impressions of planning members


The following are the impressions of the people who planned and ran these factory open days after the events finished successfully.


Mr. J. S., Project Leader, Nagoya Domestic Sales Office

First of all, I’m just relieved that it finished safely. We intended to create an event that imparted the concept of “Human-Friendly and KIKAI*-Friendly”. How did we do? The factory open days took place through the support of many ISOWA colleagues from the planning and preparation stages and it was visited by numerous customers and suppliers. I am extremely grateful to all the ISOWA people who provided support and to the customers and suppliers who paid a visit. Thank you very much!


* As explained in ISOWA NEWS LETTER Vol. 93, KIKAI means both “Machine” and “Opportunity” in Japanese.


Mr. H. S., Tokyo Domestic Sales Office

I was so pleased with the large number of customers who visited and with their words of praise. Even in my day-to-day activities, I hope to continue my efforts and measures to give the customer an even greater sense of “Worthy of ISOWA”, through the concept of “Human-Friendly and KIKAI-Friendly”. I am grateful to everyone.


Mr. N. H., Osaka Domestic Sales Office

I want to thank everyone for taking time to visit us at the busy year end. I would be happy if our efforts gave everyone a sense of the concept of “Worthy of ISOWA” = “Human-Friendly and KIKAI-Friendly”. I’ll continue to devote myself to informing everyone about the meaning of “Worthy of ISOWA”. Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to all the ISOWA people who helped with the open days.


Mr. Y. T., Nagoya Domestic Sales Office

This was my first time organizing a major event like the factory open days and it was a great experience for me. I can’t tell you how happy I felt to see customers observing our machines and to hear their complimentary comments in the event space that I created with my ISOWA colleagues. I’d be delighted if they could grasp the concept of “Human-Friendly and KIKAI-Friendly”. Thank you all for coming!




The factory open days showed off the overall technical expertise of ISOWA. Thanks to everyone, the curtain came down after a very successful event visited by more than 200 customers from 100 companies over two days. I believe it was a good opportunity for everyone to know the ISOWA of today and the ISOWA of tomorrow. You can expect great things from the ever-evolving (new value added) IBIS and from ISOWA into the future.



Shooting for the World No. 1 Spot – ISOWA VISION STORY BOOK –


ISOWA forges ahead to become the company with the best corporate culture in the world.

We have created the ISOWA VISION BOOK to introduce the success story of ISOWA to people who do not know our company.

We will present the contents of the VISION BOOK in this column.


We are grateful for positive comments from our clients such as this one: “ISOWA is dependable for its quick response.” But this kind of thing is also a bit regrettable.


Numerous trials finally enabled us to create our new product, Ibis, that can produce a wide range of box sizes both small and large.  Ibis would eventually become our breakthrough invention thanks to its speedy production of boxes in a wider range of sizes. However, because it is such a complicated machine, Ibis was inevitably prone to suffer various troubles at first. It was rather common for us to get reports of trouble from our clients soon after Ibis was installed.


“It is true that the faster the machine works, the greater its value. But it is also true if we just focus on speedy production, then the machine is prone to troubles such as jamming and breaking down. At first, our engineers stayed at our clients’ plants to adjust Ibis’ operating speed to its optimal level. It was as if we and our clients were working together to develop the newborn Ibis to reach to its full potential.” (Kodama)


“It’s one of ISOWA’s essentials to send our engineers to the client’s site very often. Therefore, we often receive compliments from clients such as this one: “We feel assured as ISOWA responds quickly and sends their staff immediately.” ISOWA believes such quick service is an additional value for our machines. (Miyashita) *


Kodama argues that we can’t be complacent in that level of accomplishment. “Client calls often mean a machine is having trouble. Needless to say, our quick and efficient support is important, but our ultimate goal should be to produce a perfectly trouble-free machine.” (Kodama)



* Shunsuke Miyashita came to ISOWA in 2013.



Construction Kicks Into High Gear

from President Isowa’s Blog, ISOWA DIARY



Our New Plant Project has gotten into one of the most important phases in the whole construction process, “concrete placing”.


▼To read more about it, visit the below website (President Isowa’s blog, ISOWA DIARY)


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