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1 Dec 2016     Vol. 92




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I am Takashi Takeshima, who is known as ISOWA’s Mr. T.

When this season comes round, I am amazed how quickly another year has flown by. Probably because summer stretched on for so long in Japan this year, we seem to have flipped from summer to winter really fast.

This year we had many cases of machines that had been operated in Japan being used by customers overseas. It has been a year of numerous trips to customers’ premises for machine installation and startup.

Modern machines have the high proportion of electrical components and increasingly complex control, countered by the shorter service life and production period of the important electrical components. These give me plenty of headaches in my role as an electrical engineer.

Please bear with me while I tell you a little about an ISOWA FFG machine used by one of these overseas customers.

This spring, following the machine installation by the customer, I went on a business trip to make the startup adjustments and provide operation instructions for the FFG. There wasn’t any big electrical problem and I got the machine operating and adjusted during my stay. However, the machine level on the folder-gluer side had been installed much lower than the printing press side at the front of the machine, so that paper could not pass through it. At the time, I couldn’t provide adequate instructions for operation and maintenance and I was very concerned when I had to return home without checking the machine in production. I later heard that the customer had fixed the machine level and got it working, so my concerns gradually diminished.

After a while I had to visit this customer again for an unrelated repair. I was able to more or less identify the cause of the problem before I left and that helped me to complete the repair in a short time. After that, I watched the FFG in production and was amazed at how well it was performing despite some small problems. It was the most inspiring thing I’d seen for the past five years. The company owner told me that the capacity utilization of this FFG is higher than that of a new machine installed at the same time. The owner was so satisfied with our FFG that buying the new machine was seen as a mistake. Needless to say, we have gained a new ISOWA fan!

After I got back to Japan and took time to think about it, I remembered the machine when it was operated in Japan and how it was used so carefully by the customer. The customer had made various modifications and improvements to the FFG and had it adequately maintained by ISOWA. I’m sure that’s the major reason that the machine works so well.

That trip proved how well a machine works when it is appropriately maintained, and it made me once again deeply aware of the importance of proper maintenance.

We will do our best to continue to impress all customers with ISOWA machines and make new ISOWA fans as many as we can.


And now, let’s turn to Vol. 92 of the ISOWA NEWS LETTER.

We hope you like this edition.



Everyone at ISOWA works for the customer – Part 2/2


Hi, everyone. I am Makoto Tanabe of the Nagoya Domestic Sales Office. Following on from last time, I’ll let two more managers of sections that offer few opportunities to meet customers tell you about their experience of visiting a customer’s premises to upgrade a machine.


Mr. M.H., Section Chief of the Assembly Section and Service Section


Hello everyone. When I was supervising machine installations several years ago, I used to visit customers’ premises around the world. But I have few opportunities to visit customers at all these days. My main role today is providing instruction on safety and schedules to installation supervisors and team members who visit customers’ premises.

My daily worry is whether the team members we dispatch can work properly without embarrassing ISOWA’s name. However, when I watched this team at work, I realized I had nothing to worry about. They consulted with each other and were aware of their own roles. In the event of a problem, they immediately reported it to the customer to select the most suitable remedy. After the work was complete, we happily received a compliment from the production manager. He told us that the sheet quality was stable and productivity had increased.

I have always worked hard to give all customers this feeling of satisfaction. However, what is most important is what happens from now on. We need to offer a machine that the customer can use with confidence over a long period of 10 or 20 years. From now on, we will make even greater efforts to implement preventative and periodic maintenance of ISOWA machines. We look forward to contributing to customer safety and ease-of-mind.



Mr. N.T., Section Chief of the Procurement Section and Service Parts Section


My normal job is the procurement of parts required for repairs and general stock parts and to support subcontractors with issues related to machine assembly. I used to get opportunities to visit customer’s premises in the past, although not that many. If there were problems with parts delivered to a customer, I would visit to investigate the cause of the problem and consider measures to prevent it occurring again.

This time, I attended the installation of a Fixed Folder Gluer IBIS. There were plenty of other contractors working at the site in addition to ISOWA –– contractors removing the old machine, contractors lifting the heavy machine safely, foundation work contractors, electrical contractors, pipework contractors, and so on. Many subcontractors were performing work by turns while keeping safety first under the time pressure. Even in such an intense situation, there was a high expectations of future value to be generated by the new machine. I was greatly impressed by how energetically the installation work proceeded.

I felt a little uneasy during the visit. What could I, as a member of the Procurement Section, contribute to the customer during installation work? But I felt quite different when I started to act and it proved an extremely fruitful experience. I have already begun tackling two issues: rewriting the ISOWA work manual for safer working practices and making improvements at the parts level for even more stable quality of installation work. I plan to verify the results against the work at the end of the year.

Finally, while my role involves fewer opportunities to contact customers than our sales and service staff have, I still feel a strong desire to help our customers through quality and safety.




So, what do you think of the comments by four section managers over two issues of the ISOWA NEWS LETTER?


Everyone at ISOWA works for the customer, regardless of their section or their role!



Shooting for the World No. 1 Spot – ISOWA VISION STORY BOOK –


ISOWA forges ahead to become the company with the best corporate culture in the world.

We have created the ISOWA VISION BOOK to introduce the success story of ISOWA to people who do not know our company.

We will present the contents of the VISION BOOK in this column.


First-year engineers challenged with the development of ISOWA’s signature product


-Mission to develop the company’s signature product.

Enormous challenge for a team including a freshman engineer-


ISOWA is a world-leading manufacturer of cardboard corrugation machines. Despite being a well-established firm, ISOWA experienced turmoil in 2007 with an extended downturn in its market share. It faced a desperate need to develop new products to achieve a turnaround. Our engineering team, including freshman engineer Junichi Kodama, was assigned to this daunting mission. Here are the statements of those engineers, who worked through numerous sets of trial and error, about how all their efforts eventually paid off.



Something That Won’t Be Forgotten

from President Isowa’s Blog, ISOWA DIARY



Let me introduce some comments from the customers who just came to see our printer “Ibis” recently…


▼To read more about it, visit the below website (President Isowa’s blog, ISOWA DIARY)


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