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1 Sep 2016     Vol. 89




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Whew! This has been another hot summer. Hi, everyone. I am Nagai from the Overseas Service Group.


And this summer, all of Japan has become even hotter with our support of the Rio Olympics. The Tokyo Olympics which will be held in August in four years’ time really look like overheating and I’m getting worried about it already! I think it would be best to hold the Games in October, like they did back in 1964.


By the way, I’ve been enjoying growing my own vegetables recently. This summer I’ve picked loads of eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, and pumpkins and they harvested and tasted very well. But the harvest from a home garden all comes at once and the same vegetables are on the dining table day after day. Just when I thought I was getting tired of seeing them on my plate every day, the harvest season suddenly comes to an end.


Recently, I’ve been spending long hours at weekends in the garden digging and preparing seedlings ready for autumn and winter vegetables. In the autumn season, we should once again have a table full of spinach, eggplants, broccoli, daikon radishes, taro, and more every day.


There are plenty of autumn fruits to look forward to as well, like grapes, persimmons, nashi pears, and chestnuts. Obviously, I don’t hate enjoying these every day!


And now, let’s turn to Vol. 89 of the ISOWA NEWS LETTER.

We hope you like this edition.



Introducing a 2016 New Employees, Part 2/2


Hello again. I am Nagisa Inui of the Osaka Domestic Sales Department.

Following on from last time, in this ISOWA NEWS LETTER, I’ll ask some new ISOWA people about their reasons for joining ISOWA, their impressions of actually working in the company, as well as their future goals.


[Mr. S.K.]

The main thing that made me decide to join ISOWA was my first encounter with the company president, Mr. Isowa, when I heard his presentation at an information session at my school. The president had a gentle demeanor and created an informal atmosphere where he gave an unembellished account of ISOWA’s good and bad points. I was surprised when it sounded like he was saying “It’s better if people who don’t fit in don’t come.” And the impression I got from the president and other staff members during the employment selection process and factory visit made me realize that this was a company I could enjoy working at for the rest of my life.

My working life since this April has been more fun than I imagined and I sometimes wonder if I am allowed to enjoy myself so much at work. I am undergoing a little training in each department, so I can work out how all the tasks link together to make up the company. I really enjoy this opportunity to learn more every day about this world that I’d had no idea about before.

My aspiration is to become an ISOWA person who enjoys working with the people around him every day. That makes me fully committed to the training in each department and strive to become someone who can contribute to ISOWA.



[Mr. S.S.]

The key point in me deciding to join ISOWA was how they listened more empathetically to us students during the employment selection process than at other companies. Then the deciding factor was when I saw how even-handedly the company president and other staff members dealt with us during the internship, so I felt that the company had the best corporate culture in the world.

I’ve been taught a lot of things from April until now, including details about what ISOWA does as a company, knowledge about corrugated paper, and accepted practices for a working adult. As a working adult is judged on his skills and capabilities, any compromise with respect to work will hinder the individual’s personal growth. I will remain conscious of upgrading my skills and keep my sense of responsibility and duty.

I want to become a trusted sales man. For sales work, I think it is important to improve your attractiveness as a person. As a new employee, I will remain aware of “Who am I doing this for?”, “What is the purpose?”, and “What result does it achieve?” and I’ll strive to become the most outstanding ISOWA person I can be.


[Mr. Y.J.]

My father worked in the manufacturing industry and he’d visit customers’ factories during holidays to install machines. What I did to help him while I was a high school student gave me an image of work as being what my father did. I felt that working at ISOWA would match what I pictured for my career and that the company would let me apply what I had learned at university. So I resolved to join ISOWA, because they provided an environment where I could work to my full potential while putting into practice what I had learned; an environment where I’d be able to enjoy my work.

I’ll become an ISOWA person who makes others around me feel happy. I’ll work my hardest to make myself and the family that I love happy and to contribute to the growth of ISOWA. Above all, I want to grow to become a person who can work to make everyone associated with ISOWA feel happier.


[Mr. Y.T.]

When I was looking for a job, I encountered a company that manufactures machines that make corrugated paper and I was interested in such a specialized manufacturer. In the information session at my school, ISOWA people told us that the company offers an environment where you can freely ask about things you don’t understand and express your own opinions, and I felt that this really is a company with a good corporate culture. And it was appealing that the service of ISOWA, which aims to prevent stoppage of customers’ machines, has something in common with my graduate research topics, so I decided to join ISOWA.

I have learned a lot through training in various departments as a new employee since April. I have learned about flexo folder gluer machines and corrugators and I have had a chance to know the work flow in each department to get a deeper understanding of the company. Absorbing all of these new stuff I didn’t know has made every day rewarding. I get cautioned every now and again but I take it on board to continue to grow.



So, how was that?

Their comments reminded me of those days I didn’t have a clue what was going on every day, when I first joined the company. What is unchanged between three years ago and now is my excellent bosses, more senior employees and colleagues who take care of me and help me out. I too will continue to work hard while never forgetting my original objectives.




Shooting for the World No. 1 Spot – ISOWA VISION STORY BOOK –


ISOWA forges ahead to become the company with the best corporate culture in the world.

We have created the ISOWA VISION BOOK to introduce the success story of ISOWA to people who do not know our company.

From this ISOWA NEWS LETTER on, we will present the contents of the VISION BOOK in this column.


ISOWA aims to have the world’s best company culture, not to be the biggest.



There once was a time when I stopped all efforts to improve our corporate culture.


I am Hideyuki Isowa, the president of ISOWA. In 1985 I joined ISOWA after having worked for five years at a general trading company. But soon after that, I noticed something was just not right. Most workers were working very hard even though they looked somewhat passive, and they seemed to think their job was just to do what they were told and nothing more. I determined to change this mindset and started a variety of events and activities to get these workers involved in so-called QC activities to improve their job satisfaction across different departments. This included company trips to let employees get to know each other better and various seminars, too. However, nothing seemed to work very well.  The staff’s typical response to such events was “Is it duty?” and “Will I get paid overtime?” I thought I was trying to do something beneficial for my employees, but my intention and effort all fell flat. I decided to drop those measures at once, because there was something else that helped me change my mind. That was a little proposal made by one of my employees.




Three Generations in One Place

from President Isowa’s Blog, ISOWA DIARY



I took the first Shinkansen in the morning to the Kansai area. I visited the customer where we just installed our machine. They invited me to…


▼To read more about it, visit the below website (President Isowa’s blog, ISOWA DIARY)


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